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The World Reviews

Sunday Times (NZ)

'The World is a brilliantly executed, surreal fantasy which should be regarded as a classic of the genre.'


'Grant . . . allows his imagination full scope to break the walls of the [fantasy] genre and stray into other fields. It's another great book from a man who to my mind is about as conventional as a young Michael Moorcock and just as thrilling. Great stuff and a truly wonderful follow-up to Albion.'

David Langford

'A fresh, original approach to fantasy (or possibly science fiction) which hijacks all the genre clich├ęs and flies them to unexpected destinations.'

Newtownards Chronicle

'An exhilarating tale of magic and music, reality and surreality, The World is an epic novel that shatters the traditional boundaries of fantasy fiction.'

Stephen Marley

'Fiendishly plotted, devilishly delightful, The World is that rarest of creations -- a genuinely adult fantasy, ambitious in scope, inspired in realization. A towering feat of imagination, The World is surely destined to become a classic of fantasy. With it, John Grant has proved himself the true master of modern fantasy.'


'Many science-fiction novels are actually fantasy stories under a thin layer of pseudo-technology. John Grant, never a writer to take the easy option when there's a more interesting course to follow, has done the reverse. The World is a science-fiction novel masquerading as a fantasy. More than that, it's SF of a very high order.'