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Albion / The World Reviews

St James Guide to 20th-Century Fantasy Writers

'At a time when fantasy relies heavily on the formulaic and superficial, John Grant's writing comes as an exhilarating antidote to the conventional trappings of the genre. This is typified by his two major fantasy novels, Albion and The World. . . . The very stability of the fantasy genre, reliable, predictable, formulaic, is undermined by Grant's quantum approach to fantasy. The status quo must continually be challenged, and this Grant has done very successfully with these remarkable novels.'

The Times

Great storytelling.


Some books feed the imagination; this one takes it to a banquet.


A grim, bloody and powerful book . . .recommended.

South Wales Observer

A wonderful fable.

City Limits

. . .enough battles to satisfy the most bloodthirsty reader. The heroes in this book, for once, feel real. The first of a series, Albion promises great things; Grant looks set to subvert the entire genre.