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Discarded Science


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Discarded Science

A fascinating trawl through the history of those scientific idea which seemed plausible, at least to some, but turned out to be wrong. Includes the flat earth, the hollow earth, lost worlds and bizarre ideas about evolution, Piltdown man and other scams, alchemy, aliens, humours and homunculi, and much more!

Some Review Extracts

"John Grant is the living heir of Martin Gardner." —Gregory Frost

Discarded Science has been continually snatched out of my hands by eager work colleagues, friends and family, sparking hours of conversation and laughter. After reading about the initial research into cold fusion effects in 1989, my co‑workers even attempted to recreate the original experiments, and realized the outcome was not as remarkable as the scientists involved had reported!

Grant has pulled together such a wide variety of subjects that scientists and non‑scientists alike will find something to discover, and there is no need to be an expert on every topic. This is a wonderfully interesting, thought‑provoking and at times very funny book that I highly recommend.Sense About Science

Anyone interested in the history, development, and the refinement of scientific ideas, methods, and thinking will be engrossed by this book. —J. Keri Davies, School Science

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