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The Lone Wolf Series Reviews

Mary Gentle

'The Lone Wolf novels go from strength to strength. Written with a neat eye for character and comradeship, herein are gritty wonders, deflationary humour, and a very down-to-earth portrayal of both pain and achievement. . . . Colourful, dealing too with territory that Fantasy has always treated with kid gloves -- sorrow and sex, adulthood and apotheosis, failure and first love -- the saga races along . . . Scene- and bookstealer Alyss, wonder-worker and gamin-goddess, who has been known to lie when it suits her, takes away any chance of comfortable, predictable fantasy for the reader and substitutes dazzlement, excitement and suspense.'

Fay Sampson

The adventure-game novel come of age. Plenty of swashbuckling fantasy, yes. . . . But closer to the truth than many a 'realistic' war novel. It [The Sword of the Sun] lays bare, not only the pain of losing battles, but the price of winning them. Intelligent, honest, sensitive, but never sentimental. Great entertainment, and something extra that stays in the mind.


Far better written than most of their kind. . . Surprisingly good.