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Stardragons Reviews

August 2005
Reviewed by Karen Haber

in The Stardragons, the sequel to the collaborative Dragonhenge by artist Bob Eggleton and writer John Grant. The format of this second book recalls that of the first.

This time out, Eggleton takes viewers on a wild space ride, pushing high key contrast and color complements to the edge through mixed media: watercolors, colored pencils, pastels, and acrylics. He uses the freedom of space to explore the limits of color and pattern, working in a loose, confident manner that often comes perilously close to abstraction.

The ruesult is marvelous visual effects, most notable in the depiction of translucent gas clouds with stars tucked away behind them sand radiant auras radiating out into the stary dark.

The play of light and color is a delightful, the varied media intriguing. A segment of concept sketches in the back of the book provides some insight into the development of both books, and the collaborative approach of both contributors.