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Strider's Galaxy Reviews

Stan Nicholls
Time Out

'Every so often someone comes along and revitalises a moribund genre. Wes Craven's shot in the arm for horror films, Scream, is a current example. With Strider's Galaxy Paul Barnett does the same for space opera. . . . Barnett scores by understanding that what raises action-driven SF above the routine is a liberal application of ideas. . . . The important thing is that he discards restraints and lets rip. Unashamedly occupying the pureentertainment end of the spectrum, this is a primary-colours read -- exotic, extravagant, zingy. Pipe-and-slippers science fiction it isn't.'

David V. Barrett
Freelance Informer

'This is space opera at its most exuberant, wide-screen science fiction with attitude. Good stuff.'