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The Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters - Reviews

Disney Books Network News

'The best reference book about Disney animation. Excellent synthesis, excellent photos, fabulous text. A must have.'

Library Journal

'Ten years after the first edition and six years since the second, Grant has again updated his mammoth illustrated guide to beloved Disney creations. . . . The ratio of information per page is high, particularly in the feature-film section where credits are followed by a history of the production and the critical and popular response, a plot synopsis, and analysis of all significant characters. The organization of the short-films section . . . is more idiosyncratic, John Grant though the writing is still a delight and not without occasional criticism of the company. . . . A peerless reference work for those countless film fans and figurine collectors . . .'

Heidi Leigh, Animazing Gallery

We call it the Bible!

Debbie Weiss
Wonderful World of Animation

'I own an animation art gallery, and we use this book all the time for information on characters which are obscure, or to look up years of cartoons, etc. A must for Disney collectors.'